TAP 2019 Meeting

‘Imagining communities’

“Imagining”, “mapping”: words that are rooted in a curiosity, a question, an intention to create context and conversation. The Theatre and Performance (TAP) 2019 Meeting asks how or where we start a continuing conversation within the theatre community. What propels us to attempt coming together in such a formation/context? When and why do we feel this need; can we articulate it?  

TAP 2019 is convened by Floating Space Theatre Company with the support of the British Council and the University of Visual and Performing Arts. In its intention, TAP 2019 is designed to continue a longstanding conversation of formally establishing a network of local theatre practitioners working across generations, language, context and discipline, while identifying fundamentally as being theatre/performance practitioners. TAP 2019 is organized with an aim that is very simple: that of supporting artists to speak with other artists, coming together in the spirit of openness and curiosity about aspects of practice and performance.

Be a part of the conversation on August 24 and 25 at the University of Visual and Performing Arts. While some sessions will be closed-door events, as the focus is the community itself, August 10 (Saturday) will feature sessions open to the public, in particular theatre patrons. 

TAP 2019 is convened by Floating Space Theatre Company, and is supported by the University of Visual and Performing Arts. The event is funded by the British Council.

  • Full Programme in English
  • Full Programme in Sinhala
  • Full programme in Tamil

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