a place of meeting

Floating Space, initiated in 2007 by Jake Oorloff and Ruhanie Perera, was created as an independent inter-disciplinary artistic, teaching and research context to explore possibilities and question perceived limits in performance.

Floating Space is inspired by unlearning, the unconventional and shared experiences in performance. Its focus is to create and produce performance, with the objective of exploring the possibilities of theatre in terms of form, style, space approach and purpose.

We are interested in:

  • creating and producing original work by/with local creative arts practitioners with a focus on inter-disciplinary work;
  • creating and facilitating cross cultural collaborative creative arts projects;
  • working in partnership with a range of organisations and individuals to advocate the use of theatre outside its more traditional purposes, especially with regard to participatory performance techniques and issue-based work;
  • engaging in a creative art practice at a broader level of education and training, research and an applied theatre practice.